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Spring Term


After School Clubs


Tennis Club

Spring Term 2016

2nd Half Term Only

Years 1 and 2

This will be held on Wednesdays,

from 3pm to 4pm

Starting 24th February

and will be run by

MK Inclusive Tennis


Dance Club

Spring Term 2016

Years 1 and 2


This will be held on Mondays,

from 3pm to 4pm

Starting 11th January

and will be run by Miss Wendy

a professional dance coach.

Art Club

Spring Term 2016

Reception Class


This will be held on Mondays,

from 3pm to 4pm

Starting 11th January

and will be run by

Ms Holt


Multi Skills Club

Spring Term

1st Half Only

Years 1 and 2

Starting on

Tuesday 12th January

from 3pm to 4pm

and will be run by

Juliette Gale

a professional Sports Coach


Sewing Club

Spring Term 2016

Years 1 and 2


This will be held on Thursdays,

from 3pm to 4pm

from 14th January

and will be run by

Mrs Waugh








Harvest Festival

To see more photos please click on this link


Curriculum News

1st Half AutumnTerm 2015

Years 1 and 2


September 2014

One of our Year 1 pupils had a butterfly chrysalis kit for her birthday.

Once the butterflies were fully grown she bought them into school

for all her friends to see.

The children helped her release her butterflies.

See the photos on our Latest News page

As part of their curriculum the pupils in Years 1 and 2 have been

studying different life cycles.

They have carried out studies on butterflies,  moths,  swans, 

frogs  and chickens.

 Below is a pupil’s  artwork depicting the life cyle of a butterfly and moth


1st Half AutumnTerm 2014

Years 1 and 2




1st Half Summer Term 2014

Years 1 and 2


    Medium Term Planning     

Summer Term 1.

Prime Areas

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Takes steps to avoid conflict.
  • Beginning to negotiate and solve problems fairly.
  • Confident to talk to others about needs, wants and opinions.
  • Able to understand that their actions may affect other people.





Communication & Language

  • Maintains attention and
  • sits quietly at appropriate times.
  • Is able to understand humour.
  • Can follow two part instructions.
  • Can listen and respond to the ideas of others.
  • Extends vocabulary exploring the meaning and
  • sound of new words.

Physical Development

  • Begins to form recognisable letters.
  • Uses and holds a pencil correctly to form recognisable letters.
  • Shows understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges.
  • Can recognise and manage some risks.

Specific Areas

 Moving and Growing



  • Can segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together.
  • Is able to name
  • and sound letters of the alphabet.
  • Writes own name and labels and captions.
  • Attempts to write short meaningful sentences


  • Uses shapes appropriate for the tasks.
  • Beginning to talk about shapes around them.
  • Uses everyday language related to time/money.
  • Beginning to use vocabulary related to addition and subtraction.
  • Can order and sequence familiar events.

Understanding the World

  • Develop an understanding of growth and changes
  • over time.
  • Show care and concern
  • for living things and the environment.
  • Complete a simple program on the computer.
  • Is able to interact with age appropriate computer software.

Expressive Arts & Design

  • Choose particular colours
  • for a purpose.
  • Can introduce a storyline
  • into their play.
  • Selects tools and techniques needed to assemble and join materials.
  • Constructs with a purpose using a variety of resources.




2nd Half Spring Term 2014


1st Half Spring Term 2014




2nd Half Autumn Term 2013


Medium Term Planning      Autumn Term 2.

                                                                       Prime Areas

Personal, Social & Emotional Development


-develop awareness of own needs and those of other people.

-develop respect for own culture and those of other people.

-Understand what is right 

and wrong.

-work as part of a group

or class, taking turns and sharing fairly.

-form good relationships with adults and peers.


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Communication & Language


-Listen with enjoyment to

stories and rhymes.

-Make up own stories

rhymes and poems.

- Join in with repeated

refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.

-Uses imagination and language to recreate roles and experiences in play.







-Move with confidence imagination and safety.

-Show awareness of space for themselves and others.

-Handle tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with control.

- Begin to form recognisable letters.

- Practices some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision.






 Description: Happy Diwali.JPG

                                                                   Specific Areas



-Extend vocabulary exploring meaning and sounds of new words.

- Continue a

rhyming string.

-give meaning to marks, written or painted.

- Hears and says initial sounds in words.

- Begin to read

simple words and sentences.





-Select a particular named shape.

-order items by length

or height.

 -Problems solving.

- Says the number

that is one more than

a given number.

- Find the total number of items in two groups

by counting all of them.

- Records number using marks they can interpret and explain.



Understanding the World

-Look closely at similarities differences and change.

-Find out about past and present events in their lines.

-Begin to know about different cultures and beliefs.

-Find out about the environment

and talk about the things they like and dislike.

- complete a simple program on the computer.



Expressive Arts & Design

-Explore colour, texture and shape in 2 and 3 dimensions.

-Use imagination in art, design, music, dance and role play.

-Express and communicate ideas thoughts and feelings.

- Selects appropriate resources and adapts work where necessary.

- Explores the different sounds of instruments.




T R E A S U R E S   A S S E M B L Y


Year 1 and Year 2 children will already be aware of our weekly Treasures Assembly.


The children will be invited to bring a ‘treasure’ in to school, something that is very precious to them.   They will be asked to explain to the other children why it is so special and what it means to them.  We have allocated a date to each of the children- please see the list attached.  This list will also be on display in our reception foyer. 


This will be an excellent activity for the children and will enhance many skills. They can bring anything in, the only stipulation is that definitely no living things i.e. no pets please.


Can I take this opportunity of thanking you in anticipation for your support and assure you that any item brought into school will be kept safe and secure.



After School Clubs

Please note there will be no Sewing Club and no Art Club

on Monday 7th October.


Year 1 Homework


Now your child is in Year 1 he/she will be set regular homework each Friday.


This consists of a piece of Literacy and a piece of Numeracy work.  The work set is to support the work covered in class, to help reinforce and consolidate new methods.


Completed homework needs to be in school by the following Wednesday.  BUT if it is returned by Monday your child will receive a Merit Stamp. Please help to support your child in their learning by helping and encouraging them to complete their work.


Yours sincerely


Ms C Holt

Class Teacher



Year 1 and 2 children will have P.E. on Monday mornings, first lesson.

They will walk to Great Linford Primary School and use their hall and equipment.


Reception children will have P.E. on  Monday mornings.

Their lessons will take place in our playground - weather permitting – or in the classroom.


Please would the children come to school already dressed in their P.E. Kit, with their school uniform in a clearly labelled bag.  Please could the children leave their PE bag in school all week, thank you.


The children will have Dance Lessons on Wednesday afternoons. 

They will need to have their P.E. kit in school


Please could we remind you all P.E kit and uniform should be clearly labelled. 

Thank you.

Musical Performances     

We are pleased to let you know that we have booked a musical performance for

the year 1 and 2 children during the afternoon of 5th September.   This will be

a full orchestra performance from the MK Music Service.

We have another musical performance on the afternoon of 6th September.

This will be a violin concerto from the MK Music Service.



More Curriculum News:







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